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We have a population problem of the immense proportions, projected to double in the next 40 or so years.  Have you heard anybody discussing cutting back on population increases in the world except China.  Not a word to be heard.  Conversely the religions of the world are going in the exact opposite direction and promoting increased family sizes.

We have the financial crisis problem, we get out of this by using money belonging to some of the poorest people in the planet to save a small group of very rich people. Of course the stimulus packages helped in the short term but all it has done is to extend the crash date. The stimulas package money that governments used for this was in fact your money.

Isn't borrowing too much money what got us into this problem in the first place, and the world is fixing it by doing the exact same thing.

The banks have not yet faced the toxic assets they have on their books but will have to soon.

And every one in power can only talk about getting back into  borrowing more money again to fix the economy, exactly what got us into trouble over the past 30 years.

It makes one wonder where "Humans are intelligent reasoning animals" come from.!!!!!

We are already ignoring known problems plus probably more that have not appeared as yet. 
The known are:-
1.  We are in the process running out on energy of all types, oil is the next to go and our whole current economy is based on its use.

2.   The world is finding it increasingly difficult to feed itself. Growing food uses an immense amount of oil to produce.

3.   The world is becoming increasingly short of usable water.

4. The huge inequality in the world will have to be addressed.   At the present time we have a very small percentage of people that are very very rich and a large percentage of extremely poor people, this has to change. So you think that slave labour was abolished a hundred years ago, wrong, the names have just changed that all.

5. Humans have two inherent traits that will probably eventually lead to their downfall one way or the other.   They are the fact that humans are so easily conditioned or brainwashed and the other is entrenched greed.


6. The present government is pushing strongly for reduction in carbon based emissions while on the other hand, Federal and state governments are spending more than $10 billion on port and rail infrastructure in a bid to double Australia's coal exports by 2030.???