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Somebody has to start the protest, haven’t you heard this before “But what can I do on my own, no one will listen to me.” if you be like everybody else and wait to somebody else to start it will never happen because they are all using the same excuse.

So can you realize that it can only start with you and me, think about that

There are so many contradictory arrangements going on in this world today that it is not funny.

Take taxation for instance, have you ever really thought about how much tax you pay to the government?  Assume you would earn $50,000 and the government will income tax you about 25%, when you buy normal produce you get GST tax,  another 10 per cent.  Or then say you buy a new car, almost 60% of the price is made up of duties and taxes and then of course you need to buy petrol to run it and there is another 50% plus tax on that.  Plus licence fees, registration etc. Then when you go out at night to relax and have a couple of wines and maybe a beer or so you will find that also has taxation on it. Then of course you can add council rates, stamp duty, etc. etc.  How does that sound so far???.....and there is more.
 Then of course the taxation rules and regulations are so complex that you need an accountant to do what should be very simple for you to complete.

The Government spends huge amounts of money and time on trying to stop excess speed on the roads ( of course they also collect a lot of money through fines and penalties.)

Why are companies still allowed to build and market vehicles that are capable of 250 to 300 kph when 110 kph is the legal speed limit.

With our current technology it is relatively simple to fit speed limiting devices to all vehicles if we wanted to. They could be set at 150kph to allow safety tolerance for passing etc.

Why are governments talking about increasing the retirement age when we currently have many young people unable to find employment.???