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Get real all you people, open your eyes and look at the reality of this world we live in. Welcome to the world of logic if you know what that word means.

All you conservationist and protest movement people are mostly wasting your time and that's the way the people in power wants you to be, fragmented and broken up into your own puny little protest movements. It's not that I don't care about animals and environmental matters but I feel that it is time that we had a concerted effort put into stopping wars all around the world. Can't you see that if we stop this idiotic aggression against each other and learn to live in peace and harmony that then we could put a concerted effort in to saving the starving people and animals.

Don't you realize that while you are protesting about saving the animals there are thousands of people and children dying every day all around the world. Some are starving with nothing to eat and dying of preventable diseases, while others are being killed in wars and other conflicts while still more are being maimed by landmines and other unexploded war weapons left in the ground. There is a staggering amount of landmines and cluster bombs left in the ground from previous wars over the years and is maiming civilians mostly children. Do you really care about this or is it something that just goes on in the background of your world.

So give this some serious thought, realize that the powers to be in our land want you to have many different protest groups (The more the better for them.) The more groups you have the more diluted are the effects on each subject of protest.