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Dear Mr. Rudd,

With the current considerations of a Citizenship test for migrants in the news at the moment. I implore you to give serious consideration to a glaring problem in the english language help provided to migrants on their entry into Australia.

Please Mr Rudd this is a obvious failure in this very important aspect of language teaching.

To keep this short it is that there are very few or no "Speech Therapists or Pathologists" available to migrants taking the free english courses at TAFE colleges. These people are essential to teach the migrants how to make the correct sounds to be able to pronounce english words correctly

My concern is of the English pronunciation (or lack off) taught to immigrants by "TAFE" colleges over two years as supplied free by the Department of Immigration. I have written to DIMIA concerning this and they agreed with me that it was something lacking in the TAFE courses but had no answer for it.

DIMIA agreed with me that it is preferable that people learning English as a second language should first be taught to make the correct sounds so as to be able pronounce and speak English clearly. When I spoke to TAFE about this they also agreed that it would be preferable but they had very few speech therapist available.

I live with a Vietnamese person and also know many other Asian immigrants who have completed these courses and I find that their grasp of English grammar is quite good but their pronunciation of english makes it very difficult to carry out a conversation with them.

Thanking you for your consideration.

Kind regards,